Welcome to my blog…

I’ve created this blog to share my journey in hydroponics as I experiment with different methods and techniques. My goal is for this blog to be a source of knowledge with strong evidential backing for any new growers out there, or anyone with an interest in gardening!


My first venture will be in outdoor deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics, starting with lettuce and tomatoes. I want to try and figure out the most optimal nutrient ratios/pH levels/etc before moving to a more controlled, indoor grow. Once I have some results, I will post a detailed blog outlining exactly what I did so that new growers can have a reference point to start with.

My next blog post will be about my setup, including photos and specific instructions for anyone that would like to replicate it.

Happy growing, until next time! 🙂

Don’t forget to check out my personal hydroponics growing diaries here and join me on my adventure!

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