Day 1 – DWC Hydroponics Grow Journal

Today was exciting! It marks the first day of my daily grow journals for a while to come. I’ll be talking through exactly what I did so that people can follow along at home, or pick up on any mistakes I may be making along the way. After the grow is finished, I can look back on what happened and see what I can change for the better. So, day one:

I went out and purchased the following:

  • Five fifteen litre hydroponic growing pots.
  • Two air pumps (and piping to match).
  • Tomato, lettuce, spinach, bean and sage seeds.
  • Clay pebbles.
  • Rockwool.
  • General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow & Bloom nutrients.

The first thing I did was fill all the buckets with fifteen litres of tap water. I would’ve preferred to use distilled water, but I’d like to see what kind of results I can achieve with regular tap water. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper. I have a feeling this may cause a problem because when I measured the pH of my tap water it was somewhere in the eight-nine pH range (as opposed to five-seven ideally). We’ll see if this causes any problems further down the line.


I then mixed in the nutrients. The FloraNova Grow bottle advised to use 1.25mL of nutrients per litre of water. As I had a 15 litre bucket, it worked out close enough to 20mL, so I used that. After measuring out 20mL into each bucket, I stirred it around with the measuring cup and put the lid on. I apologise for the lack of photos at this point in the process, I got carried away!

After my nutrients were well mixed in, I filled the mesh lid to around half full with clay pebbles and lightly wet the Rockwool. Next, I placed a few seeds into each Rockwool cube in case some fail to sprout/germinate. Once I have a few little seedlings, I will pick out the weakest ones leaving only the strongest left (one per Rockwool cube). Once all my seeds were in place and ready to germinate, I filled the lid the rest of the way with clay pebbles, surrounding the Rockwool and keeping it stable.


Two seedlings in pots, ready to germinate.

At this point, I’ve left the air pumps out as there’s no point in aerating the water before any roots have sprouted. Once I get seedlings growing root systems, I will add on the air pumps to make this a ‘bubbleponics’ system. So all in all, today was a success. I’ve planted two spinach plants, two lettuce plants and one sage plant. Time will tell how many, if any, survive. I’ve left them in the shade (to germinate) at the moment as it’s coming towards sunset, however tomorrow they should be in full sunlight.

My entire setup at the moment.

This is part of a series of journals. Click here to see the rest.
That’s all for today, thank you for reading! Until tomorrow, happy growing 🙂

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