Day 2 – DWC Hydroponics Grow Journal

Hello again!

Today’s journal is a very boring one, because nothing really happened. It’s been overcast almost the entire day and ended up raining quite heavily. This means that my pots actually gained water rather than losing it, so I might have to drain them. I figured since they’re just seeds then there isn’t really a risk of too much water around the top. Also, looking at the photo below, I’ve just noticed how low my clay balls seem to be sitting. I’ll have to top those up tomorrow and maybe raise the rockwool cubes up as well.

My hydroponics setup after some light rain.

I was also hoping to see some sign of germination, no matter how small, but unfortunately I didn’t. I came outside to see my setup pretty much exactly as I left it yesterday – but that’s fine! I wasn’t expecting to see a drastic change anyway. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some better luck…

Close up of my lettuce seed planted – note no root growth yet.

But that’s what’s so great about gardening and why I love growing things! Even if all these seeds fail, I can try again and change things a little to see what works best. It’s all a just a long, enjoyable, learning process!

Ah well, that’s all for today. Sorry about the lack of interesting content to report, but I think it’s important to have a consistent daily journal rather than skipping days. This way, new growers can have an accurate understanding of the time some things take and the progress you can expect. Lots of people planting hydroponics expect instant five inch growth overnight! Hopefully I can shed some light on the subject and show that’s not usually the case.

Happy growing, until tomorrow!
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